OSHEE is a brand for active people.
Among them are people who go in for various sports, either as a hobby or professionally, as well as all those who follow current trends in life. OSHEE is the market leader in functional beverages in Poland. It inspires, motivates for action, physical activity and healthy lifestyle. It puts a great product in the spotlight, which meets expectations of the most demanding customers.

OSHEE is one of the most recognizable brands in Poland, and our products are also conquering foreign markets.Thinking about products, we always keep in mind customer satisfaction. We care about our design like no-one else.We are looking at the latest trends with interest, and take away what is best, without creating any restrictions for ourselves.

OSHEE is people with passion and experience, supporting all those who like to overcome challenges in their lives. Therefore, the brand supports sporting events and organizations that inspire and bring hope for a better future. We are seeking individuals and institutions following such values in life, and we motivate them in social media, where we conduct activities supporting ambitious, amateur athletes. Thus, using OSHEE products has become a manifesto, a synonym of being active, not only in the real, but also in the virtual world.

The combination of trends, physical activity and an open mind are distinctive features of the OSHEE World, whose cherished slogan is: Live, Fight, Win!






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